1. Church volunteer is providing spiritual guidance only.

2. Do not ask church volunteer for money.

3. Do not ask church volunteer for any favors.

4. Do not ask church volunteer for food.

5. Do not ask church volunteer for a ride or to be picked up.

6. Use appropriate social services available to meet housing, employment, health, and rehabilitation needs.


1. The released inmates need is for a relationship with Jesus Christ; to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) and to reproduce their faith in someone else (2 Timothy 2:2). To seek anything other than this from a volunteer will not help you with the only thing that will help you, which is saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Contact between volunteer and inmate will take place in a public place. This can take place at a church or other venue where others are present in the general area where contact is taking place. Contact will not be at volunteers residence.

3. As an inmate released to the community develops a healthy discipleship relationship with a volunteer and becomes a part of the local church body, any appropriate assistance to the released inmate can be agreed upon by the released inmate, volunteer, and the local church.




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