History of Calvary Jail Ministry

Calvary Jail Ministry began in 1970.  We first started going into the Forsyth County Jail.  We were careful to go to each cell in this overcrowded and dirty jail.  Many souls came to the Lord through this fledgling ministry.  The ministry grew as a new jail was constructed and now can house approximately 1000 inmates.  We conduct Bible studies, which include the message of salvation and discipleship.  In addition we hold worship services.

Following our success in Forsyth County we were invited into the Davidson County Jail and the Davie County Jail.  Most recently we were invited into the Iredell County Jail.  As the ministry grew it became obvious that more help was needed and we hired a chaplain.  And we have now added a volunteer assistant chaplain.  Men and women are committing their lives to the Lord and lives are being changed as a result.

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